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So so SOO good!! We went here for with friends to try something new in town and we are all in agreement - we will be coming back as much as possible!! I had escargot, cannelloni and tiramisu - and it was all delicious! The escargot was garlicy and buttery, and my entree came with a salad, which was almost entree sized all on it's own and the cannelloni was hot, cheesy and so good I didn't want to give my husband even a small bite (I did anyway, but it was under protest!). The tiramisu was so creamy and melt in your mouth, it's something you must try! To top it off, there was live music and the chef came out to sing for the restaurant to much applause - his voice is amazing! He came to our table and sang Happy Birthday to our friend, it just capped off a great night :) Don't miss this place, go there as soon as you can , you definitely WON'T be sorry you did!!